Protesting farmers dump manure in Czech Republic

Q: Czech farmers protesting environmental rules and imported crops dumped manure in front of government offices and blocked streets in the nation’s capital. Where is the Czech Republic, a small country in the center of Europe?

Circle the area on this map

Q: What is the capital of the Czech Republic, which is also called Czechia?

A. Bratislava

B. Budapest

C. Prague

D. Vienna

Q: Farmers across the European Union (EU) have taken to the streets in recent months urging tariffs to be reimposed on farm products from Ukraine. Farmers blocked the border to Ukraine in which of country bordering the Czech Republic?

A. Austria

B. Germany

C. Poland

D. Slovakia

Q: What share of the EU workers are employed in agriculture?

A. 16%

B. 12%

C. 8%

D. 4%

Q: The former nation of Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic in 1992. Czechoslovakia was first created after which war?

A. Thirty Years' War

B. World War I

C. World War ll

D. Cold War

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