Water taps run dry in South Africa’s largest city

Q: Thousands of South Africans are lining up to get water from tanker trucks after an unprecedented collapse of the water system in the nation’s most populous city. Where is South Africa?

Circle the area on this map

Q: What is South Africa’s largest city?

A. Cape Town

B. Durban

C. Johannesburg

D. Pretoria

Q: Johannesburg was established in 1886 after what was discovered nearby?

A. Diamonds

B. Gold

C. Oil

D. Silver

Q: An area of metropolitan Johannesburg called Soweto was named during which period of South African history?

A. Apartheid era

B. Bantu expansion

C. Boer wars

D. Gold rush

Q: Johannesburg is among the larger metropolitan areas in the Southern Hemisphere. Which is the largest metro area south of the Equator?

A. Buenos Aires

B. Jakarta

C. Sao Paulo

D. Sydney

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