Thousands protest mass tourism in Spain’s Canary Islands

Q: Tens of thousands of people across Spain's Canary Islands rallied last week against mass tourism they say is overwhelming the chain of islands off the west coast of Africa. Where are the Canary Islands?

Circle the area on this map

Q: While tourism attracted by the Canaries’ beaches and sunshine accounts for 40% of the islands’ jobs, the protesters want limits on development they say is harming residents and the environment. Geographically, Atlantic islands are known as …

A. Archipelago

B. Barrier islands

C. Cays

D. Desert islands

Q: Tourists outnumber the islands’ 2.2 million by a ratio of ...

A. 2 to 1

B. 4 to 1

C. 6 to 1

D. 8 to 1

Q: Most of the Canaries' tourists come from which country?

A. Germany

B. Morocco

C. Spain (mainland)

D. United Kingdom

Q: What is increasing much faster than tourism in the Canaries?

A. Airline traffic

B. Migrant arrivals

C. Pirate attacks

D. Tropical storms

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