Slovakia”s prime minister shot in attempted assassination

Q: Slovakia charged a 71-year-old “lone wolf” gunman in last week’s attempted assassination of the nation’s prime minister who was hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds. Where is the small Central European nation of Slovakia? (It’s south of Poland, west of Ukraine, north of Hungary, and east of Austria and the Czech Republic.)

Circle the area on this map

Q: Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot after a government meeting in the former coal mining town of Handlova which is surrounded by what mountain range that runs through Slovakia?

A. Alps

B. Balkans

C. Carpathians

D. Dolomites

Q: The suspect in Fico’s shooting was taken from Handlova to a courthouse in a small town outside Slovakia’s capital of …

A. Belgrade

B. Bratislava

C. Bucharest

D. Budapest

Q: Since taking power last year, Fico stopped arms shipments to Ukraine, called for friendly relations with Russia and attacked liberal Western values as corrupting his nation’s morals. His positions echo the longtime leader of which of Slovakia’s neighbors?

A. Austria

B. Czechia

C. Hungary

D. Poland

Q: Slovakia was once part of the Kingdom of Hungary and then the Kingdom of Poland. It became part of the nation of Czechoslovakia when which empire fell?

A. Austro-Hungarian

B. German

C. Ottoman

D. Russian

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