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About the e-Appeal

The Commercial Appeal's Newspaper In Education (NIE) program is 100% digital, which we call the e-Appeal in Education. We no longer deliver papers to the schools, but instead provide access online to a digital edition.

The e-Appeal is an EXACT REPLICA of The Commercial Appeal. Students can log onto any computer with Internet access and flip through pages and skim headlines, just as they would with the traditional newspaper.

The e-Appeal reaches students where they live - in an increasingly digital world. And best of all, thanks to the support of business sponsors and key school systems, the e-Appeal digital edition is COMPLIMENTARY to you as long as school support and sponsorship funds are available.

Teachers who order the e-Appeal for their classroom will receive it Sundays through Fridays for the entire 2010-2011 school year, except for fall break, Thanksgiving holidays, Christmas holidays and spring break.

It is easy to navigate. If you play with it and try every button you can find, you will get a great feel for how to use it. Even for non-techies, you will find it fun and accessible.

Sample the e-Appeal for yourself (below log in area at top of NIE web page)

Also, you can click on the Help button at the upper left of this sample edition to print a tutorial that will give you a further comfort level.

For more information, contact Mary Lou Brown, Promotions and Community Relations Manager, at 901-529-2508 or

For information about the e-Appeal,
contact Mary Lou Brown, 901-529-2508,