Resources for Teachers and Students

Exciting Features of the e-Appeal

After logging in to the e-Appeal, you may enjoy many features. Here are some that teachers especially like to use.

  • Audio version of story - Click on a story on the page displayed on the left side of your screen. The story will appear in text form on the rith. On the far right above the text, click on the Listen/MP3 button. The story will be read to you.
  • Language translations of story -The e-Appeal is now available in 12 languages! Just click on a story on the page displayed on the left side of your screen. Then go to the "translate to..." pull-down button in the upper center of the page and select a language. The text will be changed to the language you select.
  • To print book serials, go to the pulldown menu "Teacher Resources" (right of the "translate to..." button, upper center). Pull down to the book serial of your choice. We have available "Petey's Secret Power," "Memphis children's History," "Graveyard Girl," "Awakening," the Obama Section, and if we have a book serial running currently, it will be posted as soon as we can.

Once you pull down to a book serial, you can print one page at a time, using the page pulldown menu (above the "Visual Mode" and Translate to" buttons). Click on the page on the left, making the story appear in text on the right. Then click on the nearby print button on the right.

If you are blocked, find a yellow bar across the top left of the page. If you click on it, you will be allowed to unblock pop-ups.

  • If you wish to print several book serial chapters or pages at one time, click on PDF (upper left of the page), then go to the far left and click on "Download Complete Edition" and using the print icon upper left, print all of the pages in the chapter(s). Another option is to print certain pages or chapters by clicking on selected pages and then on "Download Selected PDF's (below "Download Complete Edition").
  • Word searches - We have three types of word searches (top center).
  • Quick search - This will allow you to search all of the articles in today's e-Appeal. Type a key word and hit Enter. This will bring up all of the articles in today's e-Appeal with that word. On the left side of your screen, it will tell you how many articles were found and what pages their on. It also provides the headlines of the articles. Click on a headline and the article with your key word will appear on the right side of your screen. Your key word will appear in blue everywhere it occurs in the article.
  • Advanced search - This will let you search all of the articles during the past month. Click on advanced search. Then enter a key word. A pulldown menu will appear to the right of FROM. Pull down to the date you wish to go back to (for example, the bottom date is from a month ago). Then pick the date in the pulldown menu to the right of TO: (for example, the top date is today). Then click Search. This will provide you with articles, page numbers and their dates of publication during the past month. As with Quick Search, you click on the headline of the article you wish to read. At the bottom of the page, you may click on several pages of headlines if there are a lot of articles with your word in them.
  • Archive - This will enable you to search all of the articles during the past year. Click on Archive. Then enter your key word and use pulldown menus to go back for as far as a full year. Click on Search. This may take some time since your computer is searching through an entire year. You may also use the calendar in Archive to find an aricle on a particular date.
  • Going Green - Our online environmental tabloid is available by using the date pulldown menu above Teacher Resources and then using the pulldown menu for sections of the e-Appeal. Pull down to any of the Sunday dates to read a back issue. Then pull down to Go Green. You'll find a variety of articles on local environmental issues for your classroom.

For information about the e-Appeal,
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