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What is the e-Appeal and what is the difference between it and the NIE web page.

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The e-Appeal is a digital edition of The Commercial Appeal with easy navigational tools and word searches in past and present editions.

The NIE (Newspaper in Education) web page, is where all things NIE start. It provides teacher resources and information about how to use the e-Appeal. It is also the place where you sign up for and log in to the e-Appeal.

How do I sign up for the e-Appeal?

Go to the NIE web page,, and click on the registration sign-up link at the top left of the page. Fill out the form and submit.

Do I need to register if I registered last year?

Yes, we will be cleaning out last year's database soon. So please register today.

How soon after registering will I get access?

After your order is processed, you will be notified when access is available. In most cases, you will receive access in a few days. Even if we are backlogged, your access should take no longer than two weeks. If you sign up now and haven't heard from us in two weeks, contact Mary Lou Brown, to see if there's a problem.

Is there a charge for the e-Appeal?

There is no charge to you or your classroom, if your school or teachers have a sponsor. If there is no sponsor, school or school system paying for your access, then a fee must be paid for access. Please contact Mary Lou Brown at 901-529-2508 or for more information.

Where do I log in?

Once you have access, you will go to the top of the NIE web page,, and log in.

What do I do if I log in and it doesn't take me to the e-Appeal?

Some teachers will log in to a page that is not the e-Appeal. When this happens, look for a little black box that says "Click to View" and click on it. It will take you on in to the e-Appeal.

How do my students log in?

To log in, they use the teacher's e-mail address and the generic password we provide for everyone. There is no privacy problem because they do not have the teacher's personal password.

Can students and teachers access the e-Appeal in other places than at school?

Students and teachers can access the e-Appeal any place where there is Internet access. So students can log in at home, public libraries, the computer lab, the school library, etc.

How many licenses should I sign up for?

Teachers should sign up for the number of students he or she teaches at any one time with a maximum of 35 licenses. There is a place on the form for the number of students a teacher teaches in a single day.

How do I use the e-Appeal if I have only one or two computers?

Some teachers send all or half of their class to the library or computer lab. When they return to the class, these students work on assignments related to the e-Appeal while the other half of the class goes to the library or computer lab. Others give students assignments to do on their own, either at the school library, public library or at home.

Is it possible to still have newspapers delivered to my school?

No, we do not deliver newspapers to schools any more.

For information about the e-Appeal,
contact Mary Lou Brown, 901-529-2508,