Resources for Teachers and Students

Reasons to Use e-Appeal

Last school year, Newspaper in Education underwent enormous change. For almost 40 years, teachers had been receiving newspapers for their classrooms. We changed to the digital edition, the e-Appeal. As a result, we had a lot of explaining to do.

At first, some thought it was The Commercial Appeal’s website,, which features selected articles. We explained that the e-Appeal is an exact replica of the entire newspaper in digital format. PDF’s of pages.


Why use it?

  • Meets students where they are – online. Increasingly, this is where they read.
  • Navigational tools allow you to move through pages and sections easily.
  • Can print articles and copy them for classroom use.
  • Can e-mail articles to students or to teacher’s website for homework or extra credit assignments.
  • Great research tool with archivability. For example, a science teacher can find all of the articles on energy that have run for the past several months.
  • Environmentally friendly without delivery problems or the paper waste of the past.
  • Can use in classroom, computer lab, media center, library
  • Access to Sunday through Friday issues for entire school year, whereas, in past was only available for once or twice a week.
  • Gives teacher greater flexibility to fit the e-Appeal to her lesson planning, using articles when they fit in with her schedule.
  • Access to outstanding educational programs which work well with the e-Appeal at the website.
  • Provides access to all of the local editions.

Last year it was trial and error. We told teachers to kick the tires and give it a test drive. This year, we’ve fixed one of the major problems, which was difficulty logging in. Access is easy this year with your e-mail address and a common password “nie” for everyone. Also, we have more fun, exciting educational programs than ever, including downloadable curriculum guides and activities on our web page for all grade levels. So, sign up and give it a try. You’ll be glad you did. And your students will too.

For information about the e-Appeal,
contact Mary Lou Brown, 901-529-2508,