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See what teachers and administrators have to say about The Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald!

“NewsMedia in Education (NIE) has become an integral component in our classrooms, providing valuable
information and research to our teachers and students. By supplying free digital copies of The Miami Herald and
El Nuevo Herald, NIE broadens teachers' outlook and knowledge base and provides them a variety of teaching
tools and resources. Through the generous participation of its sponsors NIE forges a dynamic relationship
between private and public sectors.”

- Alberto M. Carvalho
  Miami-Dade County Public Schools

“Students are enjoying this opportunity to read and research using the digital newspaper.”

- Valerie Galadza
  Pine Lake Elementary School

“NIE is a wonderful tool to use in my classroom. I teach higher functioning students with autism. The visuals are great and my students love to see the digital paper on the whiteboard.”

- Maya Scott
  Coral Reef Senior High School

“The quality of the NIE iPad version has improved greatly. The iPad version I get with my paid subscription
to the Herald is the very best. The student version is a very close second best. I am ready to introduce the NIE
service to next year’s students. Many thanks to you for making this pilot year so productive!”

- Patrick Collins
  Social Studies Department Chairperson
  Belen Jesuit Prep School

“The digital newspaper is used for current events and was especially useful during the election.
It is also a great tool to use for text features and informational text, skills that students are being tested on.”

- Nancy A

“My students and I really enjoy utilizing the online newspaper. There is a wealth of knowledge the students receive from the
daily newspaper. It gives me great pride to expose that knowledge to them.”

- Patreece Perry-Pelt
  Hialeah Middle

Comment from Hector M. : “I like reading the Herald. I am learning more English. I help my parents read in English, too.”

Comment from Lorena L. : “I am so happy that Mrs. Place got me and my mom the Herald and El Nuevo Herald because learning English is hard and I understand more with the pictures and the words together. I also like that I can translate the
page if I need help.”

- Students of Sheryl Place
  ELL teacher/coordinator
  Miami Killian Senior High

“My students use Newsmedia in Education to stay informed with what is happening in their community through current event newspaper reports. They enjoy using the website not only to read and write about the news, but also for pleasure reading.”

- Noreyda Romero
  Miami-Dade County Public Schools
  4th Grade Math/Science/Social Studies
  V.A. Boone Highland Oaks Elementary

“With the digital version of The Miami Herald, stories and examples of innovative newspaper design
are always at a newspaper adviser's fingertips. An especially helpful feature is the ability to search back issues.
Nothing is more important for enhancing current stories than to tie them to past writing on the same subject. Most
of all, thanks to sponsors, I love introducing The Herald at no cost to my English students by enabling them to read
at home on the web. There is still no better way to create solid citizens than through the newspaper and having the
online version is a solution for our visual 21st Century non-print readers.”

- Mary S.
  Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School