Resources for Bay Area
Teachers and Students

"The newspaper is a quality teaching tool that helps teachers meet state and national standards. Because students see the newspaper as an adult tool and because they find things there every day that interest them, they tend to read it longer and more independently than any other reading source."

- - Newspaper Association of America Foundation

Sponsorship opportunities

For more information about sponsorship opportunities contact Jeff Brinley at (925) 302-1594

A win-win opportunity to help schools and your business.
Your business logo displayed on materials for school, home, and on the Web
Positive public relations and community outreach
Participation in the education of future employees

What Are The Sponsorship Options?


Your business can encourage young readers by sponsoring a special six-week program for schools in Alameda, San Mateo, Marin, San Joaquin, Solano, Contra Costa and Santa Clara Counties.
We can custom-design a special thematic teaching unit (four to eight weeks) to suit your company's interests.

Join Us!

We all know the statistics...700,000 graduating seniors won't read today's newspaper. Because they can't read!

Working together, we can make a change.

Sponsor a Special Section

Sponsor the publication of a 12- to 16-page Special Section on an educational topic of your choice. Each student gets one.

Sample Topics for Special Sections

  • The Arts
  • Heart Health & Fitness
  • Black History, Hispanic Heritage, Women of Achievement
  • Music in Our Lives
  • The Olympics
  • Law Day: Celebrate Our Bill of Rights
  • U.S. Geography Sports Programs: Basketball, Football, Baseball & NASCAR
  • Environment & Earth Day
  • The Mathematics of Buying or Leasing a Car
  • Character Education and Values
  • Drug Awareness
  • The Presidential Election
  • Home Ownership
  • Science & Technology
  • Career Pathways
  • Journalism
  • Nutrition
  • Volunteerism
  • Holocaust Education
  • Survival Skills for Life

Invest in our Future -- Be a Sponsor!

Bay Area News Group is extending an invitation to all businesses and individuals to invest in California's youth by sponsoring a special educational program.

Topics range from financial literacy to the environment, world geography, the arts and sciences, and more. We have the ability to create a teacher's guide or a mini-text supplement on almost any concept appropriate for kindergarten through high school. Our goal is to reach out to students in order to promote literacy, a more effective workforce and more future voters and volunteers to serve our communities.

Teachers who participate will receive a special lesson package with student worksheets and a class set of newspapers once a week. Our distribution covers all public and private schools in the Bay Area News Group circulation area. Potentially 890,000 students, parents, and educators will be aware of the wonderful service you will be making possible.

As a sponsor, you will receive thousands of dollars in promotional recognition through publicity and in-paper acknowledgment in Bay Area newspapers - including identification on the lesson plans, worksheets, and cover of each teacher's guide. Cost of the sponsorship varies depending on a variety of factors.

Help us fight illiteracy. California is losing its innovative edge. Thousands of young readers are counting on you. To find out more, call Michael Dullaghan, (925) 302-1594.


"I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to expose my students to a paper copy of the newspaper! Everyday except Mondays, we review the day's news. I teach moderate special education, an I firmly believe that my students have become better citizens only because they are more aware of what is happening in the world. My kids are at the level where they can't earn a high school diploma, but they do study English, math history etc. so this is really a great tool for me and great educational experience for them. Thank you."

- Nancy Kessler, JFK High School, FUSD