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Common Core State Standard
LS.CCS.4/5/6 Grades 3-12: Students are asked to determine the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words through multiple choice vocabulary quizzes. Quizzes are designed to help students demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships and nuances in words, acquire and use accurately grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specific words, and gather vocabulary knowledge when considering a word or phase important to comprehension or expression. Students are then asked to find the words within the newspaper and copy the sentence for context to it's overall meaning or function in a sentence.
This Week's Word In The News 


The official way to confirm something, usually by vote.

The deal has been up for a ratification vote by the district’s educators all week, with the results scheduled to be announced Monday.
The Denver Post, 02/24/2019

Words in the News Quiz
5 High School Words

Click on the correct answer in the quiz below.
Then see if you can find the word in your newspaper -- the print edition, the website or the digital edition and copy the sentence for context. NOTE: High School words are much harder to find!

1. Incognito

To abolish, do away with, or annul, especially by authority.

Lacking or marked by a lack of self-confidence; shy and timid.

Having one’s true identity concealed.

The basic unit of currency among participating European Union countries.

2. Sanguine

Interchanged, given, or owed to each other.

A marked change in appearance, character, condition, or function.

Cheerfully confident; optimistic.

Having a harmful effect; injurious.

3. Inculcate

To bring under control; conquer.

The predominant influence, as of a state, region, or group, over another or others.

Not limited to or associated with a particular religious denomination.

To impress (something) upon the mind of another by frequent instruction or repetition; instill.

4. Lexicon

A stock of terms used in a particular profession, subject, or style; a vocabulary:

To make an accusation against.

The iron-containing respiratory pigment in red blood cells of vertebrates.

The use of unnecessarily wordy and indirect language.

5. Loquacious

Warlike in manner or temperament; pugnacious.

Very talkative; garrulous.

Shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement along a fault plane.

A circular strand of DNA in bacteria that contains the hereditary information necessary for cell life.

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