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Hear From the Teachers

Feedback about the NIE program

We spent the time using other activities on your site. It's great and they loved it!! My students have laptop use all day long so I wanted to introduce them to more current events. Many already want to go online at home. Thanks again.

- Sheila Rutherglen, Hesperian Elementary School

Thanks so much for the email. I resubmitted on the new website, and I love the 300 Teacher's Guides. This is definitely something I will use in my classroom. Thanks again.

- Toniesha Webb, Roosevelt Middle School

Love the e-Edition!

- Mark Rathjen, Diablo Vista Middle School

You're right; it's amazing how many resources you've collected! Thank you for steering me in the right direction. We start on Friday, and I'm excited!

- Katherine Thomas, Foothill Middle School


- Bill Kirk, Independence High School

I checked just a few minutes ago and my name is now on the list. Thank you!! My kids really appreciate the hard copy papers. We have 3 computers and 14 students, so the e-paper and the hard copy get all of them what they need throughout the day. Thank you again!

- Joy Supplee, Concord High School

Many thanks for making Current Events available to my students!

- Christa Ivancovich, Westwood Elementary School

Print and online editions were used by adults studying various subjects as they earned credits toward their high school diplomas! Thanks for helping these former drop-outs to achieve their goals!

- Ms.Pokriots, Metro Ed Adult School

I really appreciated this past year's newspapers. The students also appreciated them. Most of my students do not have access to the newspaper at home. I would also like the e-Edition for next year! Thank you.

- Leroy Culver, San Jose High School

Thank You! My yearbook/journalism class found this VERY helpful!!

- Erin Scullion, Bernal Intermediate

Loved the program! It really helped pull in my reluctant readers. Plan to sign up again next school year.

- Maya Suryaraman, Santa Clara High School

Thanks - the e-Edition was a GREAT resource!

- Doreen Aubel, Granada High School

My students are really enjoying the newspapers. I truly believe that the papers have helped them to raise their scores. They did so well on their mid-year exams and my co-workers are coming by to ask about my secrets. I told them to get their children interested in reading the newspaper. It really helps to build their vocabulary.

- Ms. Maxwell, Kennedy School

Thank you! Having the San Jose Mercury News helped engage students in all my classes - especially by bringing in current events on technology and government.

- Jackie Anderson, Branham High School

Thank you so much! My students love using the newspaper. I write current events questions every day, and they complete them by finding answers in the newspaper. Their reading has really improved!

- Sherry Kruse, Moreland Middle School

Thank you sincerely for your generous support - the newspapers were much appreciated and gave us something to look forward to reading each day. We used them for a LOT of activities.

- Shauna DeSilva, Pine Valley Middle School

I assign weekly current events and the SJMN is the best tool to teach many different skills!

- Peggy Scott, Rolling Hills Middle School

Thank you for this wonderful program!

- Anna McDonald, Nativity School

We use the newspapers ALL THE TIME! I want to thank you for the most valuable educational tool. I saw three of my students from last year and they said, "Mr. Jackson ... We still read the newspaper because of you!" I hope the program continues because my kids LOVE the paper! Thanks again.

- Ken Jackson, Piedmont Hills High School

Please keep this free. My students use this as a research tool.

- Lisa Ehresman-Clausnitzer, Homestead High School

We use the Mercury News every day in our classes. Your teacher/lesson plan guides have been very helpful.

- Maureen Ortiz, Fremont Union High School

I just took a look at the feature (Cartoons for the Classroom). It'll be perfect for my class! Thanks again!

- Tina Riolo, East Avenue Middle School

Thank you very much for the newspapers! The students enjoy reading from a "hands-on" newspaper. I want to encourage that!

- Edie Christensen, Mission San Jose High School

Thank you for helping me provide interesting and timely content to my students.

- Tamsen Armstrong, Antioch High School

Love using "Today in History" to start my class. Thanks for the free newspapers!!!!!

- Doreen Solina, Mt. Eden High School

I teach Intro to Biology and my students used the newspapers for scientific current event summaries. Thank you very much.

- Jana Clark, College Park High School

I cannot thank you enough for the generous and fine service of the Mercury News this last school year. I teach classes of At-Risk students at Piedmont Hills High School and your paper is the backbone of the class. It provides the perfect medium to get the kids reading, writing, and becoming informed about their city and the world. I appreciate all that you do for us and I'm counting on using the Merc in my classroom for years to come. Once again, thank you very much.

- David M. Fredericks, PHHS

Thank you for the weekly newspapers. We used them for a variety of Language Arts activities. I appreciate the support you have given my students this year.

- Marianne O'Reilly, Washington Elementary

Timing was great - students enjoyed reading "Real Newspapers!"

- Virginia Szczepaniak, Ocean Shore School

Thank you for offering this service to adult students. It has helped them assimilate into the community and some have gone on to subscribe to the newspaper. I hope you'll continue the program.

- Mitra Bahrami, Palo Alto High School

Thanks! We used the newspapers every day in our Read 180 classes and rotate them through five sections of students. They are well used!

- Skyler Draeger, Milpitas High School

Thanks! Please keep this service available.

- Rick Sarringhaus, Andrew Hill High School

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I feel it makes students aware of the world around them and they will get into the "newspaper habit!"

- Neva Gazay, Herman Intermediate School

Great Program & award-winning newspaper!

- Phillip Frausto, James Lick High School

Thank you for letting us have the newspapers. They were a great help since many of my students have NO access to information at home (computer or newspapers).

- Rocco Genovese, Silver Creek High School

Thank you! My students use them for SSR. We even emailed a reporter about a story and they responded the next day!

- Mike Dopheide, Boynton School

Thank you! The students read your papers every day and enjoyed them. The San Jose Mercury News is our favorite newspaper and source of news and information.

- Quyen Nguyen, Los Altos High School

Thank you for helping me enrich my Journalism program at Mission San Jose High School.

- Sandra Cohen, Mission San Jose High School

This proved to be SO useful while I was teaching students our research paper unit! Please keep this free - my students need this research tool.

- Lisa Ehresman-Clausnitzer, Homestead High School

We have sincerely enjoyed receiving the San Jose Mercury News newspapers. They have provided a valuable educational resource.

- Monica De Lorenzo, Lietz Elementary

Thank you for your support in the classroom! Newspapers are crucial in discussions of current events in our community and our world!

- Kim Nguyen, Kennedy High School