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For Grades K-4 , week of Sep. 11, 2023


Math isn’t many students' favorite subjects, and research shows many adults have math anxiety too. Women are more likely to face it, and 90 percent of elementary school teachers are women. Even when teaching beginner level concepts, some educators will avoid math and spend more classroom time on other subjects, which can leave students behind. Think about your least favorite subject. What don’t you like about it? Do you think you could teach someone else a lesson in that subject? What would help you feel more confident in it? Write down your ideas and share with your classmates.


Mexico will make history next year electing their first woman as president. The two candidates are Claudia Sheinbaum, a physicist and former mayor of Mexico City, and Xóchitl Gálvez, an engineer. It’s the first time that the world’s largest Spanish-speaking country will choose between two leading candidates that are women. Draw a campaign poster or write a script for a campaign commercial for one of the presidential candidates.


United Airlines flights were delayed from takeoff across the country last week because of a technology problem. It was the third time in less than a year that technology had disrupted air travel, first by Southwest and then by a computer error in the federal government. The technology used to organize flights and air traffic is old and prone to bugs, which has caused many of the issues. Pretend you are the CEO of United Airlines and write a statement to the public after the flight delays across the country last week.


An American explorer was recently trapped 3,000 feet deep into a cave in Turkey. He became ill during an expedition with three other Americans, where they were exploring a cave in southern Turkey. Rescuers have reached and treated him, but the cave is too narrow in places for a stretcher to pass through, so it could be days or weeks before he’s either able to be helped out of the cave or leave under his own power. The rescue crew currently involves more than 170 people from Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Turkey. Write a paragraph about what it means for the world to see so many people from different countries and cultures coming together to help one person in a scary situation.


One of the semifinal tennis matches at the US Open tournament was delayed because of protesters. The four people were protesting the use of fossil fuels in the upper levels of the stadium Three were easily escorted out of the stadium, but one of them glued his bare feet to the cement floor and medical workers had to be brought in to remove him safely. The US Open has a designated area for protesters outside the arena, as long as they have a permit. Why do you think the protesters chose to protest inside the arena instead of in the designated protest area? Do you think they were effective in getting their message out? Write a paragraph about your thoughts and share with your classmates.