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What is the NIE ePaper:

The ePaper allows our registered teachers to share with their class the print edition of the newspaper electronically! The ePaper is the actual newspaper online. It is NOT the newspaper website. The ePaper is updated daily, so you never miss a beat. It is also environmentally responsible because it helps to reduce the amount of paper used for your NIE program.

NIE ePaper Options:

SIGN UP NOW - If you would like to register for the ePaper without the free trial, please click on "sign up for ePaper" on the home page*.

* fees may apply to each additional publication

NIE ePaper Setup:

You must be a teacher to sign up for the ePaper. Simply register for the site with the options above. Please allow 3 to 5 days for access. An e-mail confirmation will be sent.

ePaper Startup:

The ePaper can be used by everyone! Even if each student does not have a computer, you can use the ePaper with a projector or smartboard. Specific articles can be printed out ahead of time as well.