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Common Core State Standard
RH.CCS.7 Grades 6-12: Students are asked to locate a country or geographical area on a map, connecting information with a specific location. Then, students answer a series of quiz questions based on a current news event happening in that location. Students must combine their prior knowledge with information presented in the question to determine the correct answers.

Webb telescope heads for a special spot a million miles from Earth -- 01/03/2022

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Q: The $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope launched Christmas Day toward the Earth’s Lagrange Point 2, a spot about a million miles away where it will orbit the Sun at about the same speed as our planet. Where is Earth on this rendering of the solar system?

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Q: The Webb telescope was designed to see ...

A. Infrared light

B. Exoplanets

C. Distant past

D. All of the above

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