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How can I receive free curriculum and electronic newspapers for my students?

Below is our NIE Fall 2018 Reading Series. You must be a certified teacher to order. THERE IS NO COST TO REGISTER. For this reading series, you will receive access to downloadable chapters of the story and access to ePaper, our electronic version of The Palm Beach Post, through the duration of the program to complete the activities in the teacher guide’s. Watch your e-mail just prior to the start of the program with details on your login codes.

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At the end of the program you will receive a confirmation of delivery affidavit. In order to continue these programs at NO COST to you, we are required to receive these signed forms back from you.

For more information email Nancy Jones or call 561-820-4648.

Ariadne and the Magic Thread

Ariadne and the Magic Thread

October 1 – December 21, 2018
Three chapters will be available each week during the month of October.
ePaper can be accessed through December to complete activities in the teacher’s guide.
Geared toward Upper Elementary and Middle School Grades

This Greek myth tells the story of Princess Ariadne as she is tasked with caring for her father’s monster, the Minotaur, to whom young Greeks are sacrificed each year. When a dashing hero comes to Crete, she helps him slay the beast and end the murderous tradition. Then, having betrayed her father and her nation, she flees Crete only to discover that handsome Theseus is a different kind of monster. A teacher’s guide will be provided and will include vocabulary words, comprehension questions, newspaper activities, and writing assignments.

Order online by clicking here