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2 West African presidents reject term limits

13 charged in plot to kidnap Michigan governor

Malta lets 7-year-old prince keep his shark’s tooth

Pandemic strands Pacific islanders 2,600 miles away from home

Caribbean nation of Barbados plans to fire the queen

Fires ravage refugee camp on Greece’s island of Lesbos

African migrants head for Canary Islands

Russians hold war games in the Bering Sea

Wisconsin and North Carolina lose convention booms to pandemic

United Arab Emirates agrees to ties with Israel

Lebanon’s people blame political leaders for massive explosion

Thousands in Germany protest coronavirus restrictions

California becomes the state hit hardest by Covid-19

Georgia's governor bars cities, counties from requiring face masks

Thailand denies monkeys are abused to harvest coconuts

Giant dust plume sweeps in from Sahara Desert

U.S. warns of pirates in the Gulf of Mexico

Statue of king who brutalized Congo is removed in Belgium

Peru is running out of oxygen for coronavirus patients

Protests over Minnesota death spread across nation

Bay of Bengal spawns another deadly cyclone

Top fugitive in Rwanda’s genocide is arrested

South Africa’s lockdown reveals a deadly habit

Canada bans assault-style weapons after Nova Scotia massacre

El Salvador authorizes use of lethal force against gangs

Melting ice reveals ancient Viking trade route in Norway

Boy in Estonia led neo-Nazis tied to bomb plots

NATO welcomes North Macedonia

U.S. charges Venezuela’s president with drug trafficking

U.S. charges Venezuela’s president with drug trafficking

Finland is still the ‘happiest’ nation

Syria’s civil war enters 10th year

Police fire tear gas at migrants on Greece-Turkey border

Gunfight between Haiti police and soldiers ends Carnival

Croatia’s attorney general steps down for being a Freemason

Russia trying to take over Belarus, leader says

New high temperature reported in Antarctica

Britain leaves the European Union

China locks down 50 million people as new virus spreads

Swarms of locusts plague East Africa

Drought, climate change threaten Panama Canal

U.S. drone attack in Iraq stirs up Mideast

16 die as volcano erupts in New Zealand

Australia’s wildfires choke Sydney

Trump resumes peace talks with Taliban in Afghanistan

Southern Africa’s deadly drought is leaving millions hungry

High tides swamp Venice in northern Italy

French woman not French enough for Quebec

Protests force Chile to drop plans to host summits

Solomon Islands reject Chinese deal to lease an entire island

Protests and a general strike paralyze Barcelona, Spain

Ecuador’s president moves government to avoid protests

Ukraine rocked by U.S. political storm

Threat of Mont Blanc glacier collapse forces evacuation

Online videos spark protests over corruption in Egypt

Drone strikes hit major oil sites in Saudi Arabia

Austria’s capital listed as the world’s ‘most liveable city’

Indonesia to move its capital from a sinking city

Tensions grow between U.S. allies Japan and South Korea

Beer with the prince: Liechtenstein marks its 300th anniversary

Fired scientist warns of Amazon deforestation in Brazil

Mass shootings kill at least 29 in Texas and Ohio

Puerto Rico’s governor resigns after protests

Dutch court rules on a massacre in Bosnia and Herzegovina

‘Wrong man’ from Eritrea freed after 3 years in Italian prison

Wrong man’ from Eritrea freed after 3 years in Italian prison

Fox travels 2,175 miles across the arctic in 76 days

Dominican Republic deaths don’t look all that “mysterious”

Hundreds of thousands protest in Hong Kong

Vatican City Radio delivers the news – in Latin

Philippines returns garbage to sender

European Union voters choose a parliament

Iran’s leaders and Trump say they don’t want war

Hostages rescued in Burkina Faso praise fallen French commandos

Thailand crowns a king

Drones begin delivering medical supplies in Ghana

Northern Ireland leaders urge calm after journalist's killing

Rulers ousted, protesters demand more change in Algeria and Sudan

U.S.-China trade talks could bring a presidential summit

Brunei defends tough new Islamic laws

Trump backs Israel’s authority over seized territory

March Madness is on a march to Minnesota

Road building sparks fighting in New Guinea

Grandmother rescued from an iceberg in Iceland

Attack inflames tensions between India and Pakistan

Nearly 1,000 Madagascar children dead of measles

Vietnam will host new talks between Trump and Kim

Calling Gibraltar a colony upsets Britain

Students in Belgium skip school to join climate protests

Denmark tells new citizens to shake hands

Residents slowly abandon a forgotten town on Hispaniola

Mexico’s president owns no cars or real estate, but his wife does

Easter Island leader says Moai statue might be better left in British Museum

France drops fuel tax hike amid 'yellow vest' protests

Ukraine bars Russian men after naval clash

Switzerland holds vote about cow horns

Former leaders convicted of genocide in Cambodia

Thousands flee killer wildfires in California

U.S. calls for truce, Saudis launch attack in Yemen

Ireland votes to end blasphemy law