Archive of Geography in The News quizzes

Slovakia”s prime minister shot in attempted assassination

Attacks on politicians in Germany are on the rise

Indonesia permanently evacuates an island because of volcano

Extreme heat shuts schools in Bangladesh

Thousands protest mass tourism in Spain’s Canary Islands

Iran’s attack on Israel triggers fear of wider war

Austria to become ice-free within 45 years

Police raid president’s home in Peru

Water taps run dry in South Africa’s largest city

Haiti’s gangs help oust political leader

Protesting farmers dump manure in Czech Republic

Sweden is finally joining NATO

Colombia prepares to explore sunken treasure ship

Egypt is building a wall near Gaza Strip

Village in France votes to ban smartphone scrolling in public

Mystery shipwreck washes ashore in Newfoundland

Uganda official says people dying of hunger are 'idiots'

Thailand jails man for 50 years over insult

Taiwan’s voters elect a foe of China’s rulers

Islamic State says it bombed procession in Iran

Red Sea ships hit by drones and missiles

Venezuela threatens to take most of Guyana

Persian Gulf oil business seeps into UN climate talks

Anti-immigrant rioting shakes Ireland

Sailors struggle to escape orcas in the Strait of Gibraltar