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Available downloads

All About The Election 2016
Presidential Election 2016
American Indians
Sun Skill Power
Black History Story
Climate Change
It's the Economy
Math Start News
Race to the Top
Scientist Toolbox
Teen Files
Women of Adventure

Asian Pacific
College 411
Desolation Canyon
Drivers Ed
Earth Day Every day
It's the Economy
Magic Elizabeth
Scientist Toolbox
Sports Mania

Teen Files
The Law
Summer Reading Teacher's Guide
Sunday Skill Power
African American All Stars
American Women
Animals Alive
Arab Americans
Back to school
Black History
Black History Teachers Guide

Character of America
Dinosaurs Rock
Do it Yourself
Ethan and Damon Are Friends
Folk Tales
Fun With Spelling
Global Warming
Global Warming Activities
Hispanic Heritage

Let's Give Thanks
Let's Give Thanks Activity Sheet
Middle East
Moms and More Women in History
Rainbow Chorus
Save Darfur
Strength of a Nation
Symbols of the Holidays
Testing 1, 2, 3
This is Your Community
Winter Holidays
Play Ball

Community Connections With Geography and the Newspaper Level 1 and 2

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