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Drone strikes hit major oil sites in Saudi Arabia

Austria’s capital listed as the world’s ‘most liveable city’

Indonesia to move its capital from a sinking city

Tensions grow between U.S. allies Japan and South Korea

Beer with the prince: Liechtenstein marks its 300th anniversary

Fired scientist warns of Amazon deforestation in Brazil

Mass shootings kill at least 29 in Texas and Ohio

Puerto Rico’s governor resigns after protests

Dutch court rules on a massacre in Bosnia and Herzegovina

‘Wrong man’ from Eritrea freed after 3 years in Italian prison

Wrong man’ from Eritrea freed after 3 years in Italian prison

Fox travels 2,175 miles across the arctic in 76 days

Dominican Republic deaths don’t look all that “mysterious”

Hundreds of thousands protest in Hong Kong

Vatican City Radio delivers the news – in Latin

Philippines returns garbage to sender

European Union voters choose a parliament

Iran’s leaders and Trump say they don’t want war

Hostages rescued in Burkina Faso praise fallen French commandos

Thailand crowns a king

Drones begin delivering medical supplies in Ghana

Northern Ireland leaders urge calm after journalist's killing

Rulers ousted, protesters demand more change in Algeria and Sudan

U.S.-China trade talks could bring a presidential summit

Brunei defends tough new Islamic laws