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Educators across Oklahoma and their students use the daily print replica of The Oklahoman to learn an array of information and skills and meet PASS standards every day. Here are what some of them – educators and students alike – say about the usefulness of this resource and their appreciation for the small businesses that sponsor their access. (Student names have been kept anonymous to protect their privacy.) Be sure to submit your ideas and testimonials to bhuntsman@oklahoman.com. For more ways to use The Oklahoman in the classroom, visit our Lesson Plans page.

Thank you for the Newspapers In Education program at F.D. Moon. The free newspapers in the classroom make it easy for teachers to keep the students up-to-date on current events. We also use them in third grade to check the weather and front page articles. We have even used the flyers to go “shopping” in math class. Most of our class had never been able to go through the paper until we started getting them in school. Thank you for that real world experience.

Angela Pearson, 3rd grade, F.D. Moon Academy, Oklahoma City

As an educator I try to utilize different mediums to introduce and reinforce different PASS skills that my students are responsible for learning. Using the newspaper is the easiest way for me to reinforce the skill of Fact/Opinion. Students, with a partner, have to read, locate and write the facts and any opinions they find on their graphic organizer. Since students love to explore online, the online version of The Oklahoman is a useful tool for this reading activity.

Sandra Rose, Martin Luther King Elementary School, Oklahoma City

Our students at Perkins-Tryon High School use The Oklahoman online daily. They use it for school projects as well as catching up on the latest news. The newspaper class uses it for a model for their paper. We would be left in the dark without it! Thank you for providing us with access.

Beth Hawkins, media specialist, Perkins-Tryon High School, Perkins

I personally have used the newspapers in my math classroom to supplement hands-on projects, study statistics and various other math concepts. While talking with teachers in our building, many are thankful to be able to use the newspapers to help create relevant lessons that students will remember for a long time. It’s opportunities like this that help teachers and students find connections to the real world.

Cliff Conatser, curriculum director, ASTEC Charter Schools, Oklahoma City

I use The Oklahoman almost daily in discussing current events, particularly in science-related topics. We also use The Oklahoman multimedia to access current videos and the weekly weather. We also find service-related videos/articles so that students can feel the generosity of Oklahomans. The Oklahoman print replica provides a unique capability to my classroom resources.

Coach John Keilty, high school science, Mount St. Mary High School, Oklahoma City

On behalf of the students and staff of Nicoma Park Intermediate School, I’d like to thank you for making it possible for us to receive the print replica of The Oklahoman this year. As a supporter of the Newspapers In Education program, you have underwritten the cost for us to view the paper online to use for teaching purposes. The paper is used in a wide variety of learning activities as well as making sure that our students stay current with local, state and national news. Your generous donation proves your commitment to the quality education that our students both seek and deserve. Your willingness to partner with Newspapers in Education also shows your dedication to the concept of community and the strong part it plays in the overall education of today’s youth. Again, thank you for your interest in financing this important program for our students.

Jean Davis, media specialist, Nicoma Park Intermediate School, Choctaw

We have used the newspaper in many different ways. We have used the newspapers in reading, language arts, and math. We use the newspapers to identify nouns, verbs and adjectives for language arts. We use it for math to find averages and add decimals. We also use the newspaper to practice writing summaries, compare and contrast, plot and main idea.

Brian Raper, 4th grade, Edgemere Elementary School, Oklahoma City

Both our Edmond Santa Fe students and teachers will benefit daily from the print replica. Not only will students be able to keep up with current events, but this will also aid them with assignments in multiple classes. Teachers have already voiced that this is a terrific teaching tool, especially for science, social studies and English!

Jason Brown, principal, Edmond Santa Fe High School, Edmond

Thank you so much!!!!! You have given me and my fellow students the chance to use the electronic version of The Oklahoman. It helps with our class work and is a good example for our newspaper class to follow. We appreciate you very much!!!

Student, Perkins-Tryon High School, Perkins

First of all, I would like to say thanks to you for providing our subscription to the online version of The Oklahoman. The Perkins-Tryon High School Desktop Publishing class is very grateful for your generosity for providing us with the needed resources for our class. This is a much needed resource that our class uses regularly for information for stories and other class assignments. Thanks for the subscription!

Student, Perkins-Tryon High School, Perkins

Thank you for sponsoring newspapers in the classroom. The newspapers really helped me understand what is going on in the world. And the activity was fun and it was a change from what we normally do in class.

Student, ASTEC Charter Middle School, Oklahoma City

Thank you for the newspapers. It has helped us learn more about the world and the state we live in and what is around us. It has been an educational thing to do in our classroom and it has made it more interesting.

Student, ASTEC Charter Middle School, Oklahoma City

Thank you for letting us be able to see the newspaper online. This will help the environment and let people at our school that don’t have enough money for the paper be able to read it. We are very, very thankful that you did this generous offer.

Student, 5th grade, Nicoma Park Intermediate School, Choctaw

I am glad that we are able to get on our Smart Boards and look at the newspaper. Thank you so much.

Student, 5th grade, Nicoma Park Intermediate School, Choctaw

Thank you so much for your generous donation to Mount St. Mary’s Catholic High School. We appreciate being able to access The Oklahoman at all times. It really adds to our learning!

Student, 10th grade, Mount St. Mary’s Catholic High School, Oklahoma City

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