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Preventing a Stroke 20Apr18

Designing a drug that could help stroke patients maximize whatever bypass arteries they may have.

-- Apr 20, 2018

Stealth Vessels 19Apr18

After a stroke, a specialized network of blood vessels redirects the flow of blood in the brain.

-- Apr 19, 2018

Surviving Strokes 18Apr18

Why is it that some patients are able to survive a stroke and others are not?

-- Apr 18, 2018

Bad Name, Good Sign 17Apr18

Saddled with a dicey moniker, Hellbenders are indicators of a healthy water ecosystem.

-- Apr 17, 2018

Hellbender! 16Apr18

North America's largest salamander can reach a length of two feet and weigh up to five pounds.

-- Apr 16, 2018

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