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For Grades 5-8 , week of June 10, 2024


Last year, over 85 million people traveled around the world, but not everyone was on their best behavior. Some tourists did disrespectful things like carving their initials into famous landmarks or causing trouble after partying. Experts think social media might be encouraging this behavior, making people feel like they're the main character of their own adventures. Locals in popular tourist spots are getting fed up and pushing back. Places like Ibiza, Miami, and Amsterdam are telling rowdy tourists to stay away. Some cities are even taking action, like charging visitors a fee or changing bus routes to keep crowds under control. However, not everyone wants to ban tourists altogether. Many locals depend on tourism for money but want better management from their governments to protect their communities and keep costs from skyrocketing. Create a flyer or other graphic that would get people’s attention and encourage them to be respectful while traveling to new places. Write down who your audience is for your campaign and how you’re conveying your message to reach that audience.


Workers at Samsung’s factory in South Korea went on strike for the first time. They make memory chips, which are important for computers and technology like artificial intelligence. The company and the workers' group couldn't agree on the workers’ pay and bonuses, so the workers went on strike. While it didn’t disrupte Samsung’s operations, it was bad timing for the company, which is trying to show it can still be competitive in the market for memory chips. The strike is part of bigger issues at Samsung, like legal troubles facing the company's leader, Lee Jae-yong, who is part of the family that started the company. Research the trouble Lee Jae-yong is facing and write an article explaining the different issues Samsung is dealing with, including the recent workers’ strike.


The new publisher of The Washington Post is facing questions about his involvement in a British phone hacking scandal from years ago. Some say he tried to hide this from the public. It's raising concerns about trust in American media, especially with a big election coming up. The publisher, Will Lewis, denies having done anything wrong, but there are reports that he may have influenced what stories the Post covers. One report says he offered an interview to NPR in exchange for not reporting on the scandal. In an email to staff, Lewis admitted he needs to do better at listening and talking with them, while some journalists are worried about the changes he's making at the paper. Consider why journalists and the integrity of journalism is important in America. Write a paragraph about how journalists and the news media can influence our daily lives and why it’s important that we’re able to trust what’s being printed or broadcast.


Four Russian ships, including a nuclear-powered submarine, are set to visit Havana next week, according to Cuban officials. This visit is seen as a demonstration of the strong historical ties between Cuba and Russia. The Cuban foreign ministry emphasized that the ships will not have nuclear weapons and their presence is not a threat to the region. The announcement follows reports of Russian military activity in the Caribbean, which some link to tensions between Russia and the US over the conflict in Ukraine. However, US officials downplayed concerns about the Russian presence. The ships visiting Cuba include a frigate, a fleet oil tanker, and a salvage tug, in addition to the nuclear-powered submarine. During their arrival, there will be ceremonial salutes exchanged between the Russian ships and Cuba's Revolutionary Armed Forces. Research the relationship between Cuba and Russia in the past. Then, write an article that explains this history and how the Russian ships visiting the country tie into it.


Seven people in Minnesota were on trial for taking government money meant for feeding kids in need during the pandemic. They were accused of stealing millions of dollars through a nonprofit. Five were found guilty of crimes like fraud and bribery. But there's a twist: one juror was offered a bribe of $120,000 to vote for acquittal. This led to their removal from the jury, and a new juror joined. Another juror was replaced because they learned about the bribe attempt. The convicted individuals were accused of using the stolen money to buy luxury items instead of feeding children. The trial also saw defense lawyers arguing that the money was indeed used for food distribution. An investigation into the bribe attempt is ongoing, and the accused people are being held in jail awaiting the verdict. Write an outline of how you would cover this story if you were a journalist. Include who you would interview, what questions you would ask them, and what sources you would use for research.