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Resources for younger students

Let us help you with your classroom instruction with our special programs, or try a few of the great resources linked below to incorporate into your curriculum planning.


Kid Scoop
Learn! Laugh! Play!


Kid Scoop Game Zone
Interactive games.

Funny Fillers. Word Searches.


Kid Scoop Parents Information
Each month we feature an article on an aspect of children's education, health or wellbeing.


Kid Scoop Pop Quiz


Find out what is coming up on Kid Scoop!
Test your knowledge about the Kid Scoop topic of the week. Download Kid Scoop!


Kid Scoop Word Search


National Geographic Little Kids
Packed with teaching tools to help parents of 3-6 year olds develop a love of learning in their children.

Kid Scoop Download Edition
Download Kid Scoop learning fun each week! These pages are available for free for one week only and are posted each Friday for use the following week.

Kid Scoop Teaching with Newspapers
Find new ideas to use the newspaper to teach across the curriculum. Lesson ideas for both print and e-edition newspapers! Print or online - the Brainerd Dispatch is the most up-to-date text book you can find!


National Geographic Kids
Check out this exciting world of videos, activities, games, and stories.


National Geographic Homework Help
A great "One-Stop Research" source of pictures, articles, maps, and more -- perfect for reports, presentations, and projects.


Bill Nye the Science Guy
Explore the wonders of science with Bill Nye the Science Guy. Questions, answers, experiments, episode guides, and more await you at this exciting resource.


A Plus Math
Developed to help student in grades 2-8 improve their math skills interactively. Features include; game room, flashcards, math word find puzzles, practice worksheets, and more.

Kid Scoop Lesson Library
Search through hundreds of lessons in our lesson database. Search by subject, grade & skill!

Find great online teaching resources in our archive of educational, kid-friendly websites. You can find lesson plans, online, interactive learning games, videos and more with a quick search through our archives.


Homework Spot
Grade level categories for valuable elementary, middle and high school homework sources for English, math, science, history, art, music, technology, foreign language, college prep, health, life skills and much mor


Fact Monster
A fun searchable and subject specific homework resource for all ages


Book Adventure Club



Let history repeat itself every day in your classroom. This website offers: a 'History Channel Classroom Calendar', teacher newsletters, live web casts, speech archives, and countless ideas from teachers.

National Geographic
Encourage geography education for students. Promote natural and cultural conversation and inspire students through new media and vibrant exhibitions and live events. (all ages)

TeacherVision, used by half a million preK - 12 teachers every month, is the one-stop teacher resource for grade specific lesson plans, classroom management advice, student activities, educational printables, and more.