For Grades K-4 , week of June 17, 2024


In Louisiana, a Chick-fil-A is doing something new for kids this summer that’s making people talk. They’re offering a special camp where kids can learn about how Chick-fil-A works. The camp costs $35 and lasts three hours. Kids get a meal, a T-shirt, and do activities like meeting the Chick-fil-A Cow and learning behind-the-scenes stuff about the restaurant. People had mixed feelings about it. Some parents liked the idea, saying it teaches kids responsibility and looks fun. Others didn’t like it, worrying it might be like kids working instead of playing. Chick-fil-A said the camp is just for fun and the kids won’t do the real jobs of the workers. It’s not the first time Chick-fil-A did this kind of camp. Another one in Texas has been running for six years with games and quizzes. Chick-fil-A also said these camps aren’t about making money and each restaurant does their own thing to help their community. Some people are concerned about child labor laws, remembering problems at other restaurants. But Chick-fil-A said their camps follow the rules and are safe for kids. Do you think this camp sounds like a fun way to spend time in the summer or like a job for kids? Write at least five sentences about what you think this camp would be like and whether or not you would want to go, then share your answers with your classmates and listen to their different perspectives.


Actor Will Ferrell’s son, Magnus, recently shared a TikTok video about the funny things his celebrity dad has done. Magnus rated times Will dressed up as a medieval lord to embarrass him at prom. He posted a picture of them together with his dad in a funny costume, giving it a high rating. People were surprised to find out Magnus is Will Ferrell’s son. Magnus said his dad’s outfit at prom wasn’t embarrassing, he actually loved it. Will Ferrell often does funny things to keep his kids laughing, like DJ’ing at a party at Magnus’ school last year. What do you think it would be like to have a famous celebrity for a parent or relative? Write a short fictional story from the perspective of a famous person’s child.


Across the US, some people work as psychic mediums, helping people with big decisions like relationships and moving by reading their palms or drawing tarot cards from a deck and helping interpret them. People like this in Norfolk, Virginia, were surprised to learn recently that practicing palm reading or other psychic services for money used to be illegal and could lead to jail time. Norfolk recently decided to get rid of this old law, which had been around for 45 years but wasn't being enforced anymore. The change came as the psychic services industry in the U.S. is growing, making billions of dollars each year and employing many people. Although some places still have bans on fortune-telling, laws against it have a long history going back to England and the early United States. Over time, courts have started to protect psychic readings under free speech laws. Overall, the repeal of Norfolk’s ban shows a changing view towards psychics and their role in society today. Write a summary of this story, including at least five facts that you learned.


The famous Versailles Palace Gardens will soon host equestrian events for the Paris Olympics. The National Equestrian Academy, led by Bartabas, cares for the palace’s historic royal stables. The academy has 12 riders who train horses, including Lusitanos, a favorite of King Louis XIV. The riders, mostly women, perform in shows at the Great Stables for spectators. The stables were built in the late 1600s for the king's horses and later used by the military. Bartabas revived the stables as an academy where members learn not just riding but also fencing and other skills. They are excited about the Olympics coming to Versailles, where Olympic horses will compete in front of thousands of spectators. During the Games, the palace will host events like equestrian competitions and pentathlon. The academy will continue its shows until August and visitors can see a special exhibition about horses and coaches in Europe at the palace. Summarize this story, including at least three facts about the Olympic Games you’ve learned or researched.


The U.S. surgeon general wants social media to have warning labels, like on cigarette packs, to tell people it can be bad for kids' mental health. Dr. Vivek Murthy thinks these labels could help parents and kids know it's not always safe. He says many kids use social media a lot, and it can cause problems. Murthy also wants laws to make social media companies share more about how their sites affect health. He thinks schools, parents, and doctors should help kids use social media more safely, like having times without phones. Why do you think it could be bad for kids to be on social media all the time? Write down at least three reasons, then write at least five ideas of what activities you think would be better for kids to do instead.