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U.S. charges Venezuela’s president with drug trafficking

U.S. charges Venezuela’s president with drug trafficking

Finland is still the ‘happiest’ nation

Syria’s civil war enters 10th year

Police fire tear gas at migrants on Greece-Turkey border

Gunfight between Haiti police and soldiers ends Carnival

Croatia’s attorney general steps down for being a Freemason

Russia trying to take over Belarus, leader says

New high temperature reported in Antarctica

Britain leaves the European Union

China locks down 50 million people as new virus spreads

Swarms of locusts plague East Africa

Drought, climate change threaten Panama Canal

U.S. drone attack in Iraq stirs up Mideast

16 die as volcano erupts in New Zealand

Australia’s wildfires choke Sydney

Trump resumes peace talks with Taliban in Afghanistan

Southern Africa’s deadly drought is leaving millions hungry

High tides swamp Venice in northern Italy

French woman not French enough for Quebec

Protests force Chile to drop plans to host summits

Solomon Islands reject Chinese deal to lease an entire island

Protests and a general strike paralyze Barcelona, Spain

Ecuador’s president moves government to avoid protests

Ukraine rocked by U.S. political storm