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Common Core State Standard
LS.CCS.4/5/6 Grades 3-12: Students are asked to determine the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words through multiple choice vocabulary quizzes. Quizzes are designed to help students demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships and nuances in words, acquire and use accurately grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specific words, and gather vocabulary knowledge when considering a word or phrase important to comprehension or expression. Students are then asked to find the words within the newspaper and copy the sentence for context to its overall meaning or function in a sentence.
This Week's Word In The News 


The property of a substance or treatment that reduces inflammation or swelling.

Medina Spirit tested positive for the anti-inflammatory drug betamethasone after his victory in the Kentucky Derby, trainer Bob Baffert said Sunday morning, a result that could throw the Triple Crown series into chaos ahead of Saturday’s Preakness Stakes.
The Baltimore Sun, 05/10/2021

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Words in the News Quiz
5 High School Words

Click on the correct answer in the quiz below.
Then see if you can find the word in your newspaper -- the print edition, the website or the digital edition and copy the sentence for context. NOTE: High School words are much harder to find!

1. Acumen

Everyday; commonplace.

Quickness, accuracy, and keenness of judgment or insight.

Any of numerous natural and synthetic compounds consisting of up to millions of repeated linked units,

The art or study of correct spelling according to established usage.

2. Photosynthesis

The process in green plants and certain other organisms by which carbohydrates are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water using light as an energy source.

A stock of terms used in a particular profession, subject, or style; a vocabulary:

Not interesting; dull:

To endow with the rights of citizenship, especially the right to vote.

3. Epiphany

A system of names used in an art or science:

A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.

A form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life,

A part, portion, or share.

4. Sanguine

Cheerfully confident; optimistic.

Full of or exhibiting servile compliance; fawning.

To impress (something) upon the mind of another by frequent instruction or repetition; instill.

A plane curve formed by the intersection of a right circular cone and a plane parallel to an element of the cone.

5. Tautology

A plane curve formed by the intersection of a right circular cone and a plane parallel to an element of the cone.

To proceed completely around:

Needless repetition of the same sense in different words; redundancy.

To insert or introduce between other elements or parts.

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