Electric and hybrid cars outsell others in Norway

Q: More electric and hybrid cars were sold in Norway last year than conventional fossil-fueled cars. Where is Norway?

Circle the area on this map

Q: One of the world’s richest nations, Norway offers generous incentives that make electric cars cheaper to buy and operate. Where did Norway get most of its wealth?

A. High technology

B. Industry

C. Oil and gas

D. Shipping

Q: Most of Norway is on Europe’s largest peninsula . . .

A. Balkan

B. Iberian

C. Italian

D. Scandinavian

Q: Norway also has thousands of islands along it coastline and the arctic archipelago of Svalbard, which is home to the Global . . .

A. Arctic Research Center

B. Seed Vault

C. Whaling Museum

D. All of the Above

Q: One of Norway’s most distinctive geographic features, fjords were created by . . .

A. Ice

B. Waves

C. Wind

D. All of the above

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