Taiwan’s residents worry they may be next after Ukraine

Q: “Today Ukraine, Tomorrow Taiwan,” is a catchphrase that has begun circulating among residents of the island who fear Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could embolden China’s autocratic rulers, who claim Taiwan should be under their control. Where is Taiwan, about 100 miles off the coast of China?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Taiwan citizens demonstrated against the Ukraine war outside of Russia’s de facto embassy in the island’s capital city . . .

A. Beijing

B. Chongqing

C. Taipei

D. Wuhan

Q: China’s autocratic leader has repeatedly reserved the right to use force to “reunite” Taiwan with mainland China. Who is China’s current leader?

A. Chiang Kai-shek

B. Deng Xiaoping

C. Mao Zedong

D. Xi Jinping

Q: Taiwan maintains full diplomatic relations with only 14 sovereign states. Which of these nations does NOT have formal ties to Taiwan?

A. Guatemala

B. Honduras

C. Paraguay

D. United States

Q: Taiwan has been inhabited for thousands of years. How many years was it governed by a government on mainland China?

A. 21,600

B. 2,160

C. 216

D. 21

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