Migrant boat capsizes near Puerto Rico

Q: A makeshift boat overloaded with migrants capsized near Puerto Rico last week, leaving at least 11 people dead. Officials said 38 migrants — 36 Haitians and two Dominicans — were rescued, but they estimated that up to 60 people could have been on board. Where is Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Haiti and the Dominican Republic share what island west of Puerto Rico?

A. Anguilla

B, Hispaniola

C. Margarita

D. Roatan

Q: Over the years, most migrants crossing the Mona Passage have been Dominicans, but U.S. officials said they’ve see a big rise in Haitians attempting the dangerous voyage. What is causing the flight from Haiti?

A. Extreme poverty

B. Gang violence

C. Political chaos

D. All of the above

Q: In the past three years, it is estimated that 20,000 Dominicans have migrated illegally to Puerto Rico where construction workers can earn as much in an hour as they could in a day in the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico is rebuilding after what natural disasters?

A. Earthquakes

B. Hurricanes

C. Tsunamis

D. All of the above

Q: Puerto Ricans are American citizens and can move freely between the island and mainland. Islanders cannot vote for U.S. president and have no vote in Congress. They do elect their own governor and legislators. What is the capital of Puerto Rico?

A. San Cristobal

B. San Jose

C. San Juan

D. San Sebastian

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