Qatar hosts the World Cup and controversy

Q: Amidst years of controversy, the tiny Persian Gulf nation of Qatar is hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup – a month-long soccer tournament that is one of the world’s largest sporting events. Where is the Persian Gulf and the nation of Qatar?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Much of the criticism of Qatar has centered on human rights and the nation’s treatment of foreign workers, women and homosexuals. Qatar is an emirate, which is a form of ...

A. Democracy

B. Kleptocracy

C. Monarchy

D. Plutarchy

Q: Qatar spent $300 billion and hired thousands of migrant worker to build the infrastructure needed to host the World Cup. Migrant workers make up what share of Qatar’s 2.5 million people?

A. 18%

B. 38%

C. 58%

D. 88%

Q: World Cup tournaments are held every four years and usually take place in the summer. Why is the Qatar tournament being held in November and December?

A. Construction delays

B. Climate

C. Religious restrictions

D. War

Q: In 2010, Qatar beat the United States in its bid to host the World Cup for 2022. Which country has been selected to host the next World Cup in 2026?

A. Canada

B. Mexico

C. United States

D. All of the above

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