New Hampshire sets a wind-chill record

Q: The weather station atop Mount Washington in New Hampshire last week measured a wind chill of -108F, the coldest wind chill ever recorded in the United States. Where is the small northeastern state of New Hampshire??

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Q: With a temperature of minus 46 degrees Fahrenheit and winds of 97 miles per hour at the summit of the 6,288-foot mountain, frostbite could strike in less than 10 minutes. Mount Washington is the highest mountain in the northeast. Which state has the highest mountain above sea level?

A. Alaska

B. Colorado

C. Hawaii

D. Idaho

Q: While Alaska and Hawaii were the last states to join the union, New Hampshire was one of the original 13 states. Which neighboring state became the 14th state to join the United States?

A. Maine

B. Massachusetts

C. New York

D. Vermont

Q: Nearly a quarter of New Hampshire’s 1.3 million people have French/French-Canadian/Acadian ancestry. The Canadian Province of Quebec borders New Hampshire to the north. How many U.S. states border Quebec?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Q: New Hampshire has the shortest ocean coastline of any U.S. coastal state, with a length of 13 miles. Which state has the longest ocean coastline?

A. Alaska

B. Florida

C. California

D. Hawaii

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