Colombia searches Amazon for children after plane crash

Q: There were signs that four children survived a May 1 plane crash and some days alone in a remote area of the Amazon rainforest as Colombian authorities continued searching for them last week. Where is Colombia on this map showing the vast Amazon region?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The crash of a small plane killed three adults, including the mother of the children aged from 13 years to 11 months. They were traveling to join the children’s father in Colombia’s capital ...

A. Asuncion

B. Bogata

C. Cartagena

D. Duque de Caxias

Q: The Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest, covering 2.1 million square miles and parts of nine nations. Most of the Amazon is in which nation?

A. Brazil

B. Colombia

C. Peru

D. Venezuela

Q: The rainforest is in the larger Amazon Basin which drains water from 2.4 million square miles of South America. The Amazon River discharges more water – an average of 224,000 cubic meters each second – into the ocean than any other. Which river ranks second?

A. Congo

B. Danube

C. Ganges

D. Mississippi

Q: There are 3,344 formally acknowledged indigenous territories in the Amazon rainforest. When did humans first settle in the Amazon?

A. 1,200 years ago

B. 11,200 years ago

C. 111,200 years ago

D. 1,111,200 years ago

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