Find out about ePaper

What is ePaper?
The ePapers are an exact replica of the Dayton Daily News, Journal-News, and Springfield News-Sun in electronic form. It differs from their regular websites as you can page through each of the newspapers on-line just like the printed version you receive at your door step.

What "perks" does ePaper offer?

  • Access to two years of archives
  • Ability to have articles translated into over 50 languages
  • Print, e-mail or save articles of interest
  • Search for articles and photos by keyword and ads by keyword or category
  • It's a great way to "Go Green"

How do I share ePaper with my students?

  • Project articles to your class from your computer
  • Allow your students to work individually on computers at school
  • Have your students work on assignments on their home computer or at their local library

How much does ePaper cost?
There is no cost to teachers who want to use ePaper in their classroom.

Who is eligible to receive access to ePaper through Newspapers In Education?
Our program is open to teachers who want to use the electronic edition as a teaching tool in their classroom.

Will I need to order a username and password for each student?
When you sign up for ePaper you will only receive one username and password to access ePaper. You and your students will use the same login codes. You will want to order access (licenses), though, for your largest class size. This will allow that many students on at any time using the same username and password. For example, if you order 25 licenses you can have 25 students using the electronic edition all at the same time or at their home or in the library for assignemnts. Even if you only plan on projecting articles from one computer in your classroom, sign up for a class size, as that is how many students will be viewing ePaper.

How do I change my classroom login codes to access ePaper?
To change your classroom login codes contact the Newspapers In Education Coordinator at

What is the Verify Access page?
At the end of the school year, we will send you an e-mail letting you know that it is time to verify your classroom access to ePaper for that year. It’s a quick and easy process! Also, if the new registration window is open for the next school year, usually in May, you will have the opportunity to pre-register.

How do I sign up?
Sign up for ePaper access with our online order form.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?
You can reach the Newspapers In Education Coordinator at 937-231-5558 or