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Azerbaijan seizes control of breakaway region

Libya flooding leaves thousands dead and missing

Is the world’s most populous country ‘India’ or ‘Bharat’?

Jet ski tourists shot dead off coast of Algeria

Saudis accused of killing migrants on Yemen border

Fire threat empties the capital of Northwest Territories

Anti-crime presidential candidate is gunned down in Ecuador

South Korea heat wave makes hundreds of Scouts ill

Niger is the latest nation to fall to a military coup in Africa

Thousands protest court plan in Israel

Political unrest riles Guatemala and its neighbors

‘Barbie’ gets caught in a South China Sea whirlpool

'Barbie’ gets caught in a South China Sea whirlpool

Leader of Russian mutiny heads for Belarus

Hundreds perish as migrant ship sinks near Greece

Quebec’s wildfire smoke blankets eastern states

Arizona water shortage curbs some development

Vietnam imprisons noodle vendor over a political joke

Colombia searches Amazon for children after plane crash

Villagers evacuated from sliding mountain in Switzerland

Foes fire off accusations after explosions over Moscow

Philippines and U.S. hold largest-ever military drill

Egypt, Saudi Arabia target dissidents in the U.S.

Soccer Team shuts down in Tunisia as players all emigrate to Europe

Tennessee House ousts 2 Democratic lawmakers