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Kid Scoop is a multi-media education program that brings interactive educational pages, online learning games, comprehension, vocabulary and family involvement activities and more! Please log in above or click the Go button to register and access this great information.


The Albuquerque Journal is again sponsoring the New Mexico Spelling Bee. Students grades two through eight may participate in the 2017 bee.

The New Mexico Spelling Bee is scheduled for 9 a.m. March 18, 2017 at Sandia Preparatory School in Albuquerque. Check the web site or for updated information.

The winner of the New Mexico Spelling Bee goes on to participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. The champion and a parent’s airfare, hotel, food and official tour expenses will be paid for by the Albuquerque Journal.

Learn more about the Spelling Bee

May is Teen Self-Esteem Month
National Teen Self-Esteem Month gives teens an opportunity to focus on building their confidence & developing a healthy outlook about themselves.

National Physical Fitness & Sports Month Resources
National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is the perfect time for children and families to get outside and play together! Whether you ride your bike to work or school or chase after your dog in the park, physical activity can be fun and it helps you feel good too.

View the resources

National Ag Day is a day to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture. Every year, producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and countless others across America join together to recognize the contributions of agriculture. has assembled a number of resources to help you plan and host an Ag Day event in your local community. Besides the web site, you can download Ag Day logos, scripts, and other tips, tools, and resources to help ensure your event's success.

Click here for resources

Spring Babies!
Spring is the time of the year when most farm animals are born! 'EWE" will be amazed with these Oklahoma AITC resources for Pre-K through 2nd grade!


Serial Stories

Little Big Story Book

This collection of stories was donated by The Strait Times newspaper of Singapore for use by teachers and students in the classroom. The stories chosen are classis legends, myths, fables and folklore from around the world rewritten as modern news or feature stories. Young readers and adults will enjoy reading the likes of William Shakespeare’s MacBeth and Hamlet and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein in a modern news format. But these stories are not just good yarns. They touch the soul, nourish the mind, and give readers a better sense of their place in the world. By sharing about the plots and characters readers can make the stories a part of their lives.

This is a 17 part series. One story will be released each monday.

Download the Stories here:

Story 1: Furious Incident
Story 2: The Day the Animals Took Over
Story 3: The Most Expensive Dinner in History
Story 4: The Girl in the General's Uniform
Story 5: The King and the Magical Fortune-Tellers
Story 6: The Quest for the Lake of Gold
Story 7: The Murderer Who Would Roclk and Roll Forever
Story 8: The Murder Mystery with a Hollywood Ending
Story 9: The Pop Star and her Billionaire Boyfriend
Story 10: The Pound of Flesh and the Quick Witted Lawyer
Story 11: The Scientist and His Very Scary Monster
Story 12: The Sultan Who Loved the Storyteller
Story 13: The Gift that Hid a Nasty Surprise
Story 14: The Extremely Popular Thief
Story 15: The Widow, the Coffin and the Really Wicked Game
Story 16: The Flying Prisoner adn the Cruel Sun
Story 17: The Wonder Women and Their Jungle Kingdom