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Pandemic strands Pacific islanders 2,600 miles away from home

Caribbean nation of Barbados plans to fire the queen

Fires ravage refugee camp on Greece’s island of Lesbos

African migrants head for Canary Islands

Russians hold war games in the Bering Sea

Wisconsin and North Carolina lose convention booms to pandemic

United Arab Emirates agrees to ties with Israel

Lebanon’s people blame political leaders for massive explosion

Thousands in Germany protest coronavirus restrictions

California becomes the state hit hardest by Covid-19

Georgia's governor bars cities, counties from requiring face masks

Thailand denies monkeys are abused to harvest coconuts

Giant dust plume sweeps in from Sahara Desert

U.S. warns of pirates in the Gulf of Mexico

Statue of king who brutalized Congo is removed in Belgium

Peru is running out of oxygen for coronavirus patients

Protests over Minnesota death spread across nation

Bay of Bengal spawns another deadly cyclone

Top fugitive in Rwanda’s genocide is arrested

South Africa’s lockdown reveals a deadly habit

Canada bans assault-style weapons after Nova Scotia massacre

El Salvador authorizes use of lethal force against gangs

Melting ice reveals ancient Viking trade route in Norway

Boy in Estonia led neo-Nazis tied to bomb plots

NATO welcomes North Macedonia