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Common Core State Standard
LS.CCS.4/5/6 Grades 3-12: Students are asked to determine the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words through multiple choice vocabulary quizzes. Quizzes are designed to help students demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships and nuances in words, acquire and use accurately grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specific words, and gather vocabulary knowledge when considering a word or phrase important to comprehension or expression. Students are then asked to find the words within the newspaper and copy the sentence for context to its overall meaning or function in a sentence.
This Week's Word In The News 


Forbidden by law, rules, or custom.

A motorist accused of being involved in an illicit street race that led to a crash that killed two teenagers last month accelerated his car to keep up with the victims’ vehicle, which was traveling about 75 mph, the Metropolitan Police Department alleged in an arrest report.
The Las Vegas Review-Journal, 04/08/2024

Words in the News Quiz
5 Elementary Words

Click on the correct answer in the quiz below.
Then see if you can find the word in your newspaper -- the print edition, the website or the digital edition and copy the sentence for context. NOTE: High School words are much harder to find!

1. similar

An attempt to deceive someone into believing that one can or will do something.

To talk rapidly, indistinctly, or unintelligibly; to utter gibberish or nonsense.

To bring down the size, quantity, value or intensity of something; to diminish, to lower, to impair.

Having traits or characteristics in common; alike, comparable.

2. convey

Make an idea, impression, or feeling known or understandable to someone.

Scattered fragments, typically of something wrecked or destroyed

To stick out

A form of acrobatic display which involves the dramatic bending and flexing of the human body.

3. scurry

To run away with quick light steps, to scamper.

To identify by or divide into classes; to categorize.

The dividing line or location between two areas.

To notice or view, especially carefully or with attention to detail.

4. diminish

To notice or view, especially carefully or with attention to detail.

The rate of occurrence of anything; the relationship between incidence and time period.

To make smaller.

To drive away by scattering, or so to cause to vanish.

5. eavesdrop

A relationship of resemblance or equivalence between two situations, people, or objects,

Brief, concise, to the point.

To sink or fall to the bottom; to settle

To hear a conversation one is not intended to hear; to listen in.

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