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About Newspapers in Education

Today's students need 21st century skills to succeed in the global economy. The new eEdition of The Dallas Morning News helps students gain important technology skills and helps teachers facilitate the integration of technology into the teaching of core curriculum.

Blogs, wikis, web sites, and an increasing number of other online information resources present students with the challenge of vetting information for accuracy and completeness. Learning to identify fact from opinion and news from gossip is an important part of doing research in today's "wired" world -- as well as an important part of being an informed citizen. The Dallas Morning News is a respected and trusted local source for Dallas-Fort Worth news. Your students will be able to use the eEdition as well as for research projects and as a source of credible information.

Newspaper in Education (NIE) is a cooperative effort of The Dallas Morning News working with schools to encourage the use of the day's news in classroom activities and lessons. NIE provides curriculum ideas, teaching materials, newsletters, training, and more.

Using the newspaper as a teaching tool has been proven to raise test scores and improve literacy.

  • Students who used a newspaper as a principal source material had better achievement scores in social studies, language arts and mathematics than their counterparts who relied only on textbooks.
  • Reading skills increased by two grade levels for students who used newspapers, as compared to those using traditional methods.
  • Reading comprehension scores of high school students increase by 15% after six months of newspaper-based language arts instruction.

Source: Dr. Barbara Palmer, Florida State University

Give your students the benefits of using the eEdition in your curriculum.