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Introducing The Boston Globe's News in Education, a new and improved version of the Globe's local education program that provides digital subscriptions, classroom lessons and educational materials at no cost to teachers and students through the generosity of Vacation Donation contributors, private donors and corporate sponsors. Through its Vacation Donation program, the Globe has been an educational partner with schools throughout New England for more than 30 years.

The Globe's new NIE program has something for everyone. Teachers can download lessons developed by local teachers that use Globe articles and follow Massachusetts Common Core State Standards. NIE also offers lots of fun activities for classroom instruction, from cartoons and videos to news quizzes and webcasts.

What's new:

NIE Special Report

Back by popular demand: Writers Speak to Kids

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Narwhals - Inside Out

Teeth are ideally strong, hard, and pearly white, right? Not for the narwhal and its inside out tusk.

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Tap the wealth of information in your newspaper as a teaching tool:

Honduras records the world's highest murder rate

Answer FIVE Geography questions each week based on major news events.

Archive of Geography quizzes

Diversity, multiculturalism, worldwide events. You'll find plenty for classroom discussions in this listing of events.

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The Green Room: Conservation for the Classroom offers lessons from the National Wildlife Federation to educate and inspire people to protect wildlife and wildlife habitat

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Today's word: consortium
Definition: A group of people, companies or organizations that agree to work together for a common purpose.
NASA's Space Place is a monthly column on the latest space discoveries and technologies for elementary students
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Students can access the Globe's daily e-Paper and BostonGlobe.com articles and archives 24/7 for research and assignments. Families can use NIE resources to help guide discussions on current events and reinforce their children's classroom lessons at home.

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