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April 25, 2017 : All this and naked mole rats, too!

This week, CK goes to a movie about a little girl with mad math skills and looks at the book all the kids will be reading this summer! We also go to a very special fashion show, celebrate ANZAC Day, learn how Chrome will teach advertisers good manners and take a walk across the Magpie Bridge. And, of course, we talk about naked mole rats. (Doesn't everybody?)
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April 18, 2017 : Dream Big Twice!

CK goes to two shows called "Dream Big" this week, one a movie at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the other an ice show at the Coliseum. We also look at several good books, and at a study that most reporters didn't quite understand. We also find out how tourists are helping the coral reefs and, along with our regular Stories in the Stars, tell about an asteroid that is passing by right now!
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April 11, 2017 : CK at Young AmeriTowne

Come along with us this week to get a look at Young Ameritowne's new mobile program that might come along to your school one day! We'll also look at some books you might want to read and one you might not, and a movie that is for older kids because of its difficult subject: World War II. We'll also learn about some young journalists who wrote a very brave and important story for their school, the end of the Cassini probe to Saturn and a very, very happy badger!
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April 04, 2017 : CK goes to a very good bad movie

What's wrong with just having fun? "Boss Baby" gets a good review even though it's very silly. We'll also take a look at the new Power Rangers movie, read a book or two and learn about prehistoric house mice, safety tips for making slime and why Scotland may want to become independent. Finally, we'll meet one of the scarier constellations: Scorpius!
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