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March 21, 2017 : CK and Beauty and the Beast

We review one of the biggest movies of the year this week, and also look at an exciting new exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We also look at the elections in the Netherlands which were very important beyond their small country and review some interesting books. Then we'll investigate a fossilized human skull, explore Googles new app for kids and look for dogs in the sky!
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March 14, 2017 : CK on Skull Island

This week, we give you a look at "Kong: Skull Island," as well as at several new books you might enjoy. We also find out about a group for children's authors and about a study that showed yellow taxi cabs get in fewer accidents. We'll go up into the night sky to meet Taurus the Bull, and then we'll ask two questions we can't answer: "Does being on line make you lonely, or is it vice-versa?" and "Who planted the trees in the Amazon rainforest?"
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March 07, 2017 : Authors agree: Take some notes!

In this week's CK, we meet authors Kate Messner and Lester Laminack, who both recommend that you keep a notebook so you don't lose good ideas. We'll also review two new books, take the light rail from the airport downtown, plus learn about how long elephants sleep, how food can be used in place of textbooks and science labs, and about a space mission to the Sun. Add the story of Orion and his stars and you've got lots of reasons to read CK this week!
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February 28, 2017 : CK goes anywhere, any time!

This week, CK starts on the Great Wall in ancient China and winds up in the warm waters of current-day Florida! In between, we'll tap our toes to a musical, read a book, meet an author, check our phones too often and learn about the new president of Somalia. Jump in and grab on -- it's a fun ride!
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