Common Core State Standard
RH.CCS.7 Grades 6-12: Students are asked to locate a country or geographical area on a map, connecting information with a specific location. Then, students answer a series of quiz questions based on a current news event happening in that location. Students must combine their prior knowledge with information presented in the question to determine the correct answers.

Niger is the latest nation to fall to a military coup in Africa -- 07/31/2023

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Q: Niger’s military last week seized both power and the president, who was the nation’s first elected leader to succeed another since independence in 1960. The general who headed the president’s guard declared himself the leader of military junta now ruling the country. Where is the landlocked West African nation of Niger?

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Q: With Niger’s coup, a line of six countries stretching 3,500 miles from coast to coast are now ruled by leaders who seized power by force. That line extends from the Atlantic Ocean to which body of water?

A. Arabian Sea

B. Mediterranean Sea

C. Persian Gulf

D. Red Sea

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