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Archaeologists in Bulgaria find a statue in ancient sewer

Early hurricane rips through Caribbean

Heat kills more than 1,000 pilgrims in Saudi Arabia

Wild horses return to Kazakhstan

Rising seas force islanders to Panama’s mainland

North Korea garbage bombs its southern neighbor

Pakistani Christian community attacked after blasphemy accusation

Slovakia”s prime minister shot in attempted assassination

Attacks on politicians in Germany are on the rise

Indonesia permanently evacuates an island because of volcano

Extreme heat shuts schools in Bangladesh

Thousands protest mass tourism in Spain’s Canary Islands

Iran’s attack on Israel triggers fear of wider war

Austria to become ice-free within 45 years

Police raid president’s home in Peru

Water taps run dry in South Africa’s largest city

Haiti’s gangs help oust political leader

Protesting farmers dump manure in Czech Republic

Sweden is finally joining NATO

Colombia prepares to explore sunken treasure ship

Egypt is building a wall near Gaza Strip

Village in France votes to ban smartphone scrolling in public

Mystery shipwreck washes ashore in Newfoundland

Uganda official says people dying of hunger are 'idiots'

Thailand jails man for 50 years over insult

Taiwan’s voters elect a foe of China’s rulers

Islamic State says it bombed procession in Iran

Red Sea ships hit by drones and missiles

Venezuela threatens to take most of Guyana

Persian Gulf oil business seeps into UN climate talks

Anti-immigrant rioting shakes Ireland

Sailors struggle to escape orcas in the Strait of Gibraltar

Australia offers climate refuge to citizens of Tuvalu

Some eat water lily bulbs to survive climate disaster In South Sudan

Maine reels from mass shooting

Italy’s former leader leaves heirs a huge collection of ‘worthless’ art

Finland-Estonia undersea pipeline damaged

Gaza bombed after militants attack inside Israel

Police hunt gang boss who ran luxury prison in Venezuela

Azerbaijan seizes control of breakaway region

Libya flooding leaves thousands dead and missing

Is the world’s most populous country ‘India’ or ‘Bharat’?

Jet ski tourists shot dead off coast of Algeria

Saudis accused of killing migrants on Yemen border

Fire threat empties the capital of Northwest Territories

Anti-crime presidential candidate is gunned down in Ecuador

South Korea heat wave makes hundreds of Scouts ill

Niger is the latest nation to fall to a military coup in Africa

Thousands protest court plan in Israel

Political unrest riles Guatemala and its neighbors

‘Barbie’ gets caught in a South China Sea whirlpool

'Barbie’ gets caught in a South China Sea whirlpool

Leader of Russian mutiny heads for Belarus

Hundreds perish as migrant ship sinks near Greece

Quebec’s wildfire smoke blankets eastern states

Arizona water shortage curbs some development

Vietnam imprisons noodle vendor over a political joke

Colombia searches Amazon for children after plane crash

Villagers evacuated from sliding mountain in Switzerland

Foes fire off accusations after explosions over Moscow

Philippines and U.S. hold largest-ever military drill

Egypt, Saudi Arabia target dissidents in the U.S.

Soccer Team shuts down in Tunisia as players all emigrate to Europe

Tennessee House ousts 2 Democratic lawmakers

Vatican rejects ‘Doctrine of Discovery’ used to justify colonial rule

Young flee Albania to seek a new future in UK

Russia’s leader faces arrest warrant

Rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia to renew ties after 7 years

Belarus jails Nobel Peace Prize winner for 10 years

Bird flu kills 11-year-old girl in Cambodia

Russia accused of plot to topple Modova’s government

Tensions rise as deaths soar in Turkey earthquake

New Hampshire sets a wind-chill record

Journalist deaths jump 50%, led by war-torn Ukraine

Gangs rule much of Haiti as it loses its last elected leaders

United Arab Emirates picks oil boss to head climate summit

World War II map starts a treasure hunt in the Netherlands

Sudan’s young archaeologists take charge

Germany arrests 25 in plot to overthrow government

Hawaii’s Mauna Loa erupts for first time in 38 years

Qatar hosts the World Cup and controversy

Missile blast in Poland was accident, NATO says

Chile’s first lady aims to eliminate her job

Truce signed after 2 years of civil war in Ethiopia

Bird flies 8,435 miles non-stop from Alaska to Australia

Inflation triggers strikes across France

Cough syrup tied to scores of child deaths in Gambia

1.8-million-year-old human tooth found in Georgia

Dozens dead in Florida from Hurricane Ian

Iran protests spread after young woman’s death

Cheetahs return to India after 70 years

5 dead after New Zealand boat flips in possible whale strike

Political refugees strain Costa Rica

Pakistan flooding kills more than 1,000

Tanzania is bringing the internet to Mount Kilimanjaro

Bartering increases in Argentina as inflation soars

Nicaragua police investigate bishop critical of government

Hungary’s leader sparks outrage over ‘mixed race’ speech

States face tough choices as Colorado River reservoirs run low

Wildfires spread as extreme heat grips Mediterranean