Let us keep your NIE website fresh with weekly updates.

Our classroom resources update automatically each week so your home page is always fresh with lessons relevant to the most important news events found in newspapers across the county. They are excellent interactive tools that help teachers and students meet technology and core curriculum learning objectives.

The NIEonline advantage:

Our goal is to keep teachers on your website

  • All of our lessons are designed to be used directly from your website or, if desired, easily downloaded and handed out in class. We do not send users off to a third party Internet site as some vendors do.

Completely automated

  • Our classroom resources update 49 weeks per year and archive automatically so there is never any work on your end.

Enhance your digital editions

  • Our lessons can appear right alongside your digital replica edition interface so both can be viewed and used simultaneously. It is a feature no other vendor can duplicate.

Interactive quizzes based on your local news

  • Let us drill into the local news of your digital replica edition or website and write a series of five multiple choice questions to appear every Monday, complete with instant scoring and a link back to the related story


  • The interactivity of our modules gives teachers the ability to customize lessons as no other vendor can. In Words In the News, teachers can generate their own 5, 10, 15 or 20 question quizzes by grade level, having students either match words to their definition or the definition to the word. Some modules, like Headline Geography, have a searchable archive.

Added value

  • We continually look for ways to enhance our client NIE programs. Our exclusive partnerships with Pulse of the Planet and the National Wildlife Federation provide access to high quality, professionally produced audio and downloadable PDF’s to your teachers, at no charge to you. It’s part of our push to bring STEM resources and conservation stewardship to NIE programs across the country.