See what teachers and administrators have to say about Times in Education:

“I teach Government, Economics and AP Psychology and use the
L.A. Times to keep my students aware of the world and the current
news. I feel that the L.A. Times presents articles that are relevant
to all three of my subjects on a daily basis.

In education, we know that it is better if you can relate and make
relevant the information that you are learning. The L.A. Times
allows my students the opportunity to make connections worldwide
at the comfort of their desk. I truly appreciate the opportunity that
the L.A. Times give my students and me to make more meaningful
learning via daily events.”

Melanie Graf
Sierra Vista High School

“It is a vital part in my class. I would like to thank the sponsors for
their generosity. Without this help our school would not be able to
have a great source of information.”

Haya Benporat
Cesar E. Chavez High School

“For inner city kids who might not otherwise be exposed to the
daily paper, this program is huge.”

W. Bambrick
Henry Clay Middle School

“The newspaper enlightens my students and enhances their reading
comprehension as well as their vocabulary. My students are excited
about reading and delivering an oral presentation about the
L.A. Times articles. I would sincerely like to thanks the sponsors for
believing and supporting the educational profession and giving back
to increase the knowledge of our students.”

Christine Baccus ICEF Vista Academy Middle School