Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Judging in process. Winners will be announced in the coming weeks.

As the nation’s second largest city, Los Angeles uses a lot of water and energy. It’s important that we all work together to conserve these vital resources and protect our planet. So we’re calling on all students to submit original artwork illustrating how everyone can do their part.

Prizes will be awarded in grades 4-12, plus teachers of first-place student winners at each grade level will also receive a prize. Winning students and their teachers will also be invited to an awards presentation to be held in May 2021.

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Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

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4th Grade Winners

Yi Qing Guo
(Daisy Guo)
1st Place

Danica Little 2nd Place

Ryan Lupoff 3rd Place

5th Grade Winners

Jean Lee 1st Place

Jadon Oh 2nd Place

Ryan Yu 3rd Place

6th Grade Winners

Jungmin Oh 1st Place

Jazmine Ponciano 2nd Place

Ruby Ruiz 3rd Place

7th Grade Winners

Katelyn Ha Eun Kim 1st Place

Ava Park 2nd Place

Heather Choi 3rd Place

8th Grade Winners

Haruka Endo 1st Place

Claire Park 2nd Place

Claire H. Kim 3rd Place

9th Grade Winners

Noe Herath 1st Place

Ruby Cabrera 2nd Place

Diego Palacios 3rd Place

10th Grade Winners

Hana Choi 1st Place

Kayla Jang 2nd Place

Seungjun Baek 3rd Place

11th Grade Winners

Ava Trilling 1st Place

Ashley Palacios 2nd Place

Ingrid Muniz 3rd Place

12th Grade Winners

Jonathon Lopez 1st Place

Rachel Fagersaer2nd Place

Emmy Rodriguez 3rd Place