Los Angeles Department of Water and Power


LADWP wants to encourage all students in the Times in Education program to join the fight against climate change. We hope that you already participate in efforts that help endeavors in solar and wind power, recycling, stormwater and groundwater, capture, conservation, and energy efficiency. Please create a poster showing efforts that can be made to combat climate change and enter using the form below.

Sponsored by DWP

Contest deadline extended to April 15

If the form below is not working, please send your submissions to TimesinEducation@gmail.com.

Be sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Your parent or guardian’s name
  • Your age
  • Your grade
  • Your teacher’s name

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

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4th Grade Winners

Sue Lee 1st Place

Olivia Yang 2nd Place

Leyla Kukhmazova 3rd Place

5th Grade Winners

Hannah Lee 1st Place
Grand Prize Winner

Elaina Choi 2nd Place

Eliana Lee 3rd Place

6th Grade Winners

Leah Cramer 1st Place

Jean Lee 2nd Place

Gyuhyeon Kim 3rd Place

7th Grade Winners

Ashlyn Kim 1st Place

Sabrina_Simek 2nd Place

Ryan Kim 3rd Place

8th Grade Winners

Katelyn Kim 1st Place

Ava Park 2nd Place

Jammy Vita 3rd Place

9th Grade Winners

Aracely Chamale 1st Place

Nicole Kim 2nd Place

Claire Kim 3rd Place

10th Grade Winners

Andrew Park 1st Place

Alyssa Kim 2nd Place

Stephanie Muro 3rd Place

11th Grade Winners

Kayla Jang 1st Place

Estefani Ventura 2nd Place

Ashley Barba 3rd Place

12th Grade Winners

Stephanie Ponce 1st Place

Kimberly Palacios 2nd Place

Aaliyah Malagon 3rd Place