Water, Energy, The Environment and You (FOR LOS ANGELES CITY SCHOOL TEACHERS ONLY)
Sign up today for this earth-friendly program, celebrating the Los Angeles Aqueduct
Centennial, and providing students valuable insights into water and energy conservation
today - and for the future. Students also learn more about various forms of energy, green
power in L.A., and how to make smarter energy choices. Grades 4-12.

Sponsored by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

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“Conservation Connection- Energy”
“Conservation Connection- Water”
“Water, Energy, the Environment and You”

Prior programs. Unavailable as of Fall 2018

Hitachi Teacher's Choice This newspaper-based program can be used with the electronic edition of The Times along with selected curriculum materials. Teachers will be sent one guide from the following disciplines: writing, social studies, reading or math depending on the subject matter chosen upon enrollment. Includes the opportunity to enter a poster contest. Grades 6-12.

Sponsored by Hitachi, Ltd.

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Partners In Education Ready, Set, Grow! This newspaper-based program is designed to expand your students' learning skills, as well as their goal-oriented habits in one of many disciplines. Teachers can select one lesson guide from the following subjects: writing, social studies, reading, or math! Grades K-3.

Sponsored by Partners in Education

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