Water, Energy, The Environment and You (FOR LOS ANGELES CITY SCHOOL TEACHERS ONLY)
Sign up today for this earth-friendly program, celebrating the Los Angeles Aqueduct
Centennial, and providing students valuable insights into water and energy conservation
today - and for the future. Students also learn more about various forms of energy, green
power in L.A., and how to make smarter energy choices. Grades 4-12.

Sponsored by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Information regarding local ordinances, rates, and water sources are accurate for LADWP customers only. If your school is not within LADWP’s service area, please check with your provider for local information.

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Connection- Energy”
Connection- Water”
“Water, Energy, the Environment and You”

For additional information

Family Energy Conservation Checklist and School Energy Conservation Checklist

Family Water Conservation Checklist and School Water Survey Activity

To find information regarding water conservation tips and local rebates,
please visit: www.ladwp.com/waterconservation

For energy efficiency tips and local rebates,
please visit: www.ladwp.com/energyefficiency

For conservation tips click here

Know Your Watering Days Fact Sheet (English)
Know Your Watering Days Fact Sheet (Spanish)
Residential Water Rebates (English)
Residential Water Rebates (Spanish)
Commerical Water Rebates (English)
Commerical Water Rebates (Spanish)

For ways to save on your LADWP bill
Para conocer formas de ahorrar en su factura de LADWP
At the Heart of Your Life

Learn how to conserve water and energy at home
Aprende a ahorrar agua y energía en casa
Customer First Programs Book

Prior programs. Unavailable as of Fall 2018

Hitachi Teacher's Choice This newspaper-based program can be used with the electronic edition of The Times along with selected curriculum materials. Teachers will be sent one guide from the following disciplines: writing, social studies, reading or math depending on the subject matter chosen upon enrollment. Includes the opportunity to enter a poster contest. Grades 6-12.

Sponsored by Hitachi, Ltd.

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Partners In Education Ready, Set, Grow! This newspaper-based program is designed to expand your students' learning skills, as well as their goal-oriented habits in one of many disciplines. Teachers can select one lesson guide from the following subjects: writing, social studies, reading, or math! Grades K-3.

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Guides available from this sponsor