For Grades K-4 , week of July 15, 2024


Pixar's new movie, "Inside Out 2," has made over $1.25 billion worldwide, making it Pixar's most successful film ever. The movie, which came out on June 14, 2024, is about a teenage girl named Riley and her emotions, including a new one called anxiety. The film has received great reviews and was the first movie to make $1 billion since "Barbie." Pixar had a rough time with their movies during the pandemic, but "Inside Out 2" has brought them back to success. “Inside Out” and its new sequel focuses on characters that represent emotions: Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Anxiety, Embarrassment, Envy, and Ennui (which means disinterest or boredom). If there was a movie about your emotions, what would the characters be? Who would be the main characters and who would be in the background or have fewer lines? How would they work together or struggle to get along? Write a paragraph about your answer.


In Canada’s first big teqball tournament held in Guelph, Ontario, players had a unique experience. Teqball is a new sport that mixes table tennis, soccer, and even some martial Harts moves. Instead of using paddles, players use their feet to hit a soccer ball on a special curved table. Teqball started in Hungary in 2012 and has quickly become popular. The goal is to use different body parts to hit the ball, but never your hands, and players have up to three touches to return it. Teqball players aim to have the sport featured in future Olympic Games. If you were to design a new sport, what would it be? Write a description and rules for your new game.


Sloths are cute and slow-moving animals that have become popular on the internet and at places where you can interact with them, like SeaQuest, an animal park in Trumbull, Connecticut. However, some places like SeaQuest have had problems because they didn't follow proper safety and care rules. At SeaQuest, people could pay to pet and hold animals, but this caused issues. Some animals, like sloths, were harmed or stressed out because they were woken up or handled too much. Experts say that interacting too closely with wild animals can make them unhappy and even cause them to get sick. SeaQuest had to close some locations because of these problems and violations. They didn't always follow the best practices for animal care, which made animal rights groups and experts worried. Many believe that animals should not be used for close-up interactions and that seeing them in their natural habitats or from a distance is better for their well-being. Write a summary of this story, including at least five facts you learned.


Tim Bushe, a man from London, loves to shape the hedges at his home into fun and interesting designs. He has turned his garden hedges into giant elephants, cats, a hippo, a fish, and even a reclining woman. People in his neighborhood and beyond love his work, stopping to take pictures and thank him. Mr. Bushe’s hedges are famous, and his creations are even listed as landmarks on Google Maps. He started shaping hedges about 15 years ago when his wife asked him to make a cat shape. Since then, his hedges have become a local attraction. It takes a long time for the hedges to grow into their final shapes, sometimes over three years. Mr. Bushe enjoys making these artistic hedges and gives the money he earns from it to help the environment. Draw a portrait or create a comic strip about Tim Bushe and the hedges he’s created.


Sometimes, when you're excited to go outside and play in the sun, someone might remind you to put on sunscreen. This might seem like a bother, but it’s really important to protect your skin. Here’s why: the sun sends out rays called UVA and UVB. These rays can cause sunburn, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. They can also make your skin tan. But a tan means your skin is trying to protect itself from getting hurt by the sun. It makes a substance called melanin, which gives your skin color and tries to block some of the harmful rays. It's especially important for kids to protect their skin early because sun damage adds up over time and can cause problems later. Besides sunscreen, you can also protect your skin by staying out of the sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when it’s strongest, staying in the shade, like under a tree, and wearing special clothes that block UV rays. Using these tips helps keep your skin healthy and safe from the sun. Create a poster that shares these tips with other kids in a way that gets their attention and helps them learn how to keep their skin safe.