Vaccine Victory helps students to better understand the purpose and science behind COVID-19 vaccines. The friendly comic-style stories help teachers and parents initiate discussions on how vaccines protect you from contracting the virus and in doing so protect others. An overview of how vaccines are developed, tested, and determined safe for human use is a perfect tool to better educate in the simplest of terms the importance of vaccines in stopping the spread of coronavirus.

Making the Most of Masks

Jazzy’s tired of wearings masks, but her mom encourages her to keep it up and adds some fun with cute new masks for her. Jazzy forgets to wash her new masks after wearing at school for a week, so she and mom wash them together.

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Take Your Best Shot

Miss Georgia is worried about getting a COVID-19 vaccination. Pops and Jazzy help Miss Georgia learn about why getting a COVID-19 vaccine is safe and how getting it will protect her and those around her.

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Vaccine Victory Full Length Story

The full-length story (32 cartoon panels) provides more depth and background information about vaccine development, history, and safety.

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Victory for Vaccines Mini Story

The mini story (4 cartoon panels) offers a quick look at vaccines with the essential information.

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Two hands-on activities, "Investigating Immunity” and “Playing a Pandemic" help students model the process of how vaccines provide herd immunity.

Investigating Immunity
Playing a Pandemic

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This We Engage 4 Health (WE4H) story was developed as a collaboration of community representatives of the West End neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio and WE4H program staff.

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