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Even Stones Sing
"The instruments are teaching you how to play them." Jen Cattermole listened and learned to play an array of Maori flutes. 
-- Jul 17, 2024

ANTARCTIC WINDS - The Sound and Fury
How do you survive a winter in Antarctica? Prepare for extraordinary sounds. This archival program is in memory of our friend Rolf Bjelke, an intrepid sailor who together with Deborah Shapiro, sailed the Northern Light around the world, and over-wintered in the Antarctic.
-- Jun 26, 2024

The Half-Deaf Recordist
One of the best nature sound recordists in the world doesn't actually hear much of what he's recording!
-- Jun 13, 2024

Secrets of Soil
Not only does it support virtually every tree, plant and crop on earth, soil can also help control toxic waste and help mitigate climate change.
-- May 17, 2024

Songs of Our Mothers
I spent a few weeks asking people what songs their mothers sang to them when they were kids.
-- May 12, 2024

From Jim Metzner, Producer of Pulse of the Planet
Sacred Mounds, a novel of historical fantasy offering an
exciting glimpse of Native American life in pre-colonial times.
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